Do all your employees use their computer resources and Internet connection solely for your business? Do they work as hard when you are away as they do when you are watching over their shoulders? In other words, do you suspect your employee's productivity is lacking? You should consider installing a surveillance system to address the problem. Emloyee Monitoring Pro records and monitors your employee's activities and provides you on-site and remote access to employee's activity logs. The software-only solution can be installed in a matter of minutes, and does not require any hardware other than an ordinary PC. No special surveillance skills or security training are needed to successfully configure and operate Emloyee Monitoring Pro. It provides you with hard evidence such as lists of visited web sites, chat logs and other things typed by employees, which are critical in decreasing the possibilities of security breaches and identifying disloyal employees. Emloyee Monitoring Pro is completely invisible to your employees. It runs silently and unobtrusively while logging everything that happens on your employee's computers. The product captures all keystrokes, makes periodic screen captures of employee's desktops, logs programs that are opened or closed, and records all Web sites that they visit. You can access these logs on-site or remotely; there's no need to leave your chair to check out employee behavior. You can easily configure Emloyee Monitoring Pro to send you log reports via e-mail or by uploading to an FTP server. Emloyee Monitoring Pro is a powerful tool to address lack of employee productivity while protecting your company against security breaches and disloyal employees.