Desktop Activity Recorder is a centralized monitoring tool for large IT companies. Many employees in the IT Companies spend their valuable time in useless activities such as watching online videos, accessing personal email accounts and many more. With Employee Desktop activities all employee activities during business hours can be effectively monitored. Using this tool you can monitor employee activities on a network from centralized location. This Desktop Activity recorder keeps a continuous watch on employee activities in the organization. It also record desktop activities of employees in AVI file format. Moreover, Employee Desktop Live Viewer can also be used for scheduling online and offline recordings of employee systems. It also enable IT administrator to perform several administrative tasks on the employee computers such as removing or adding wallpaper, restarting the system and others. Employee Desktop Live Viewer can monitor unspecified number of computers on a domain or workgroup server. It is available free of cost for seven days period. During evaluation period, Desktop Activity Recorder monitor single computer of a network. Therefore, make sure you purchase the complete version of software for monitoring multiple computers on a network. For more information visit: