ADO++ is a user management Software for your Active Directory - Exchange 2013/2010/2007/2003-Organization. With ADO++, the administrator can edit Exchange and the other Active Directory-attributes of an AD-Object with one tool. ADO++ fully covers most of the Exchange properties of users, groups dynamic and contacts, including manage mailbox rights and delegations. There is no need to use the Powershell for the administrator. ADO++ displays the objects in treeview and browser view (like Outlook global address list). ADO++ features: Exchange 2013/2010/2007/2003-support Lync 2013/2010 support Edit user, groups, contacts, dynamic distribution lists, OUs, computers Powerful object search function Manage mailbox delegates Terminal Server properties Import PST files, Export PST-Files Bulk changes on objects Active Directory tree view or browser view Deleted Objects restore GU Outlook 2010 automapping Dumpster 2.0 settings Mailbox permissions and Send As permissions in one step settable Exchange 2010/2013 management from 32 Bit operating systems Exchange 2010 archive mailbox, Policies, features etc. Exchange 2010 RBAC GUI CSV user import via GUI Effective Group-Membership-Display Logging of all changes on AD-objects in a SQL-database User templates available Trusted domains supported Easy to use for user management delegation ADO++ is available in 2 versions: The full version of ADO++ with its own user management can be configured differently for different users. So ADO++ can only show a special part of the directory for one user, another part for another user. It is also possible to configure the tasks, a user can perform with the objects. The full version uses a SQL database to store the configuration data an log data. The Special Edition is a single user installation with full feature set, except the change logging, user templates and internal user management.