At times working with Microsoft Active Directory can be complicated. Using active directory tool - Lepide Active Directory Manager, active directory can be managed easily and effectively. It is one such enterprise-level tool that manages Active Directory objects properly. It provides you with a method to manage AD objects in a flawless manner through automatic generation of AD audit and general reports. The tool allows administrators in managing group attributes, GPOs, DFS, user accounts, attributes, password, etc. Moreover, it looks after jobs and task scheduling and management alongwith share management of services, printers, devices and network, etc. Apart from that you can view and edit all AD attributes of any object that are defined in schema. Also, the software is well equipped with inbuilt object manager that help in creating and editing Active Directory and WMI queries. The software offers interactive, easy-to-use, self-explanatory GUI and allows selecting multiple Users, Groups and computers and executing various operations such as add, delete, move, enable, disable, unlock, attribute management etc. on them. Besides this, now the updated version of Lepide Active Directory Manager incorporates various new features that provide facility for the creation of built-in reports right from the tree of each domain. Also, user can also experience more interactive GUI. Adding to that, now the tool is provided with functionality to create bulk users from CSV file. Apart from that LADM reports console GUI and tool bar has been improved. The product is available for free evaluation of first 30 days after installation. During these 30 days, the software can be successfully used for the flawless management of AD objects on both 32 bits and 64 bits Windows operating systems. For more information visit