TimeTools Freeware NTP Server Utility Software For Windows This software utility is a freely downloadable Freeware application. It allows any Windows NT4/2000/XP/Vista PC to synchronise with an Internet or lacally based time reference using the Network Time Protocol. The utility can also act as a time server for other network clients. The Network Time Protocol is a standard protocol for distributing accurate time around a computer network. It operates on a heirachical basis. The most accurate servers reside at the highest levels or stratums of the heirachy. Each level obtains time from the level above. In this manner time can be distributed to thousands of clients without swamping a single reference. There are a number of accurate time references available accross the internet, many are maintained by government standards departments or universities. Most are freely accessible without any subscription fee. The utility contains a list of the most popular time servers that reside on the internet. Any number of servers can be specified, which the utility will poll at specified intervals. The status of each server will be displayed along with reference details, round trip delays and time offset from the PC's system time. The PC's system and local times are displayed prominantly by the application. Also displayed is the time of the last poll, synchronisation reference and last adustment if system time updates are selected. If required, the utility will update and maintain the PC's system time. This is a selectable option. NTP will only be served to clients if time updates are specified. The server with the lowest stratum and lowest round-trip delay will be selected for synchronisation of the system time. Adjust System Time - Allows the PC's system time to adjusted and maintained by the utility. Highlight Stratum Greater Than - Highlights any selected time references with a stratum greater than the specified level.