KoalaTerm is one of the best telnet clients and terminal emulators. The following are some highlight of its features. Please click on each item to learn more. Excellent Emulation: KoalaTerm provides perfect VT serious terminal emulation, including many features you can't find in other affordable terminal emulators, like full character/line attribute support, downloadable fonts (for displaying graphic symbols), etc; International Support: KoalaTerm is used by thousands of customers all over the world. It supports all major character sets including all European character sets as well as double byte character sets. Full Keyboard Mapping: You can totally redefine your keyboard when accessing your host. Virtually any key on the keyboard can be used to execute a variety of commands, from sending special codes to executing complicated script. Full Color Support: KoalaTerm fully supports ANSI color, and you can freely redefine your color palette, as well as map character attributes into any combination of colors. Full-featured Scripting: KoalaTerm includes a powerful script engine that allows the user to perform complicated automated tasks. Macro Recording: When you want to reduce the tedious input task of accessing the host application, KoalaTerm provides a very easy-to-use macro recorder for you to record and play your interaction with the host. Printing Support: KoalaTerm support different types of printing including automatic printing and transparent printing. You can access your remote host while printing locally. Other Features: A lot more than listed above! And we are constantly improving our product. With a life-time of free upgrades and free technical support, you can be sure that KoalaTerm will always fit your needs! Total Security: Another version of KoalaTerm, Secured KoalaTerm, supports SSH1/SSH2 protocols, with up to 256-bit strong encryption and digital signature support.