Caravan Business Server (CBS) is a powerful viable alternative development platform. It is an ALL IN ONE WEB DEVELOPMENT TOOL (you can call it also as a WEB OPERATING SYSTEM). Main Features: * In Built Web Server. Works with other web server on the same machine. * Application Server with Scripting language (embedded in HTML) * Cross platform - Same scripting code works on (only the CBS Executable changes) o Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and XP o IBM OS/2 o Linux and o On Request can be made available on all UNIX platforms and MAC * In Built Database. o Acts as Search Engine. Automatic Indexing of data. o Allows Automatic Data Replication and synchronization o RDBMS database o Browser based front end to access database * In Built Communication Server o SMTP Server o FTP Server o Serial Interface (available only on Windows and IBM OS/2) * Scheduler * Event Handler * XML parser * Text parser * Encryption of source code before distribution as commercial application and software product * Invoke external executable files Advantages: * All in One Rapid development tool * Develop once deploy everywhere * Tiny foot print (size less than 1 MB) * Cross Platform (All windows, Linux and OS/2. Only the CBS executable changes) * Extremely low cost of ownership for the end users * Reduces the cost and time required to develop, deploy and maintain projects and software products. Developed In: o Watcom C++ o Microsoft VC++ o No external tools used Likely Applications you can develop: Commercial products (we have developed many commercial products. Kindly check at under Web Applications) Messaging solutions Search Engine applications Enterprise wide web solutions We are continuously upgrading CBS. You can download from Free for end users. License cost for commercial usage. Check CBS Licensing Policy at