SniperFox is the fast and reliable interface to manage eBay auctions and precisely "Snipe" them when the time comes. "Sniping" (bidding at the last moment) saves about 30% of the auction price on average. It prevents a bidding war between clients interested in the same auction and generally improves your chances of getting the item you like. Network speed is constantly benchmarked to provide and an accurate measure of when to Snipe the auction before it ends. This allows to Snipe the auctions very quickly and efficiently- up to 3 times the Sniping speed of any other sniper software. The program adds convenient helper buttons and context menus to Internet Explorer and FireFox. Adding an auction or a GROUP of auctions to SniperFox is easy- just navigate to eBay auction page or eBay auction search page and click the "Add" toolbar button or use a context menu. The auctions can also be imported from MyeBay with a single button click. After the auctions are added, SniperFox will monitor them, keeping the auction information current. User is notified of status changes through highlighting color, sound and non-intrusive information balloons. All notification settings can be tuned to your liking. You can choose custom sounds for auction countdown, victory, loss. SniperFox can even be minimized into tray, saving you desktop space. If you are not planning to snipe, SniperFox is a very useful auction organizer. It allows you to have auctions of interest right in from of your eyes, organized into groups, all the most current information at your fingertips, including thumbnails. To keep the layout neat, you can customize what information is useful to you and should be shown. Auctions are organized using convenient multi-threaded drag-n-drop interface. It is always responsive (while one auction is refreshing, you can continue to manage other auctions), non-intrusive (no message boxes pop up at unexpected moments) and fast.