Ultra Network Sniffer from GJPSoft is a powerfully network visibility tools. It consists of a well-integrated set of functions that you can use to resolve network problem. Ultra Network Sniffer will list all of network packets in real-time from multi network card (Include Modem,ISDN,ADSL) and also support capturing packet base on the application(SOCKET,TDI etc). The user can observe all of traffic of the application that you are interesting. The user can easy to learn and simple to use. Ultra network Sniffer have plug-ins for different protocols such as ETHERNET, IP, TCP, UDP and so on. Features: Supports all of windows version (Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95); Monitor network activity in real time; Capture network traffic for detailed analysis; Capture network traffic base on applicaton(TDI,SOCKET); Probe the network with active tools to simulate traffic, measure response times, count hops, and troubleshoot problems; Low price only $29.95