About bombs and explosives is a classic-style arcade game. The main idea is to place bombs and to blow up anything in your way (like monsters, walls, other players). In single player mode, one must find his way through about 100 levels by eliminating monsters and searching for exit. In battle mode, player have to destroy other players. Standard "last man standing" type of game, or team play. In both single player mode and battle mode hot-seat is available for two players. Features: 10 single player episodes (10 levels in each episode, 100 levels total) with unique monsters and objects. Monsters of about 50 different types. 40 different objects (magnets, jump pads, TNT boxes, etc.). Approximately 40 levels for battle mode. 20 types of bonuses. 4 types of primary bombs, 5 types of secondary bombs. Level editor (unlocked after completing single player game). Both English and Russian languages available.