Parks Authorization Manager (PAM) for Windows enables you to maintain, analyze and document your NTFS file system permissions and Active Directory groups. Automate tasks which arise again and again. Just define folder templates for departments or projects. PAM will then automatically create both the desired folder structure and the permission groups in Active Directory and add these to the folder access control lists. If wished, the application will also prepare secured network shares, via which authorized staff can access the folders. Achieve transparency in access permissions. Scan your folder permissions any time you like with PAM. Get new insights into the permissions and groups stored in your existing server systems. By doing so, you will be able to notice and correct problems at an early stage. Important information needed for audit and compliance reports can be created with the help of the scanning functions. React flexibly when faced with new requests from business departments. PAM?s easy and comfortable graphical user interface will help you to quickly understand and become productive. Store your preferred folder structures as PAM templates and create new departmental, group or project folders with a few clicks.