Category Column allows tracking, organizing and grouping list items. Component uses Outlook 2007 approach for element categorization. Easy indicator color changing and using of advanced tooltip provide a high professional component style. Category column leverages SharePoint "Choice" column, enabling filter and sorting values in the column by standard action. Column supports single and multiple choices, allows fill-in value and different rendering in list view. Enhanced single-click two-way conversion among "ArtfulBits Category" column and standard SharePoint "Choice" column included. Features: - Tracking list and task items according to associated colors - Professional indicator's look and feel - Advanced customizable tooltip - Ability to show other column data in tooltip - Standard and custom indicator's colors - Category icon rendering mode (simple, complex) - Customizable icon size - Filter and sort items according to column headers - Supported Datasheet view, including edit mode - Two-way conversion among "ArtfulBits Category" column and standard SharePoint "Choice" column - Language pack support (desired localization could be added by request) Why ArtfulBits Category Column? Main purpose of the component is to provide useful ability to track, organize and group list items by marking with colored indicators. We use professional Outlook 2007 look and feel.