Compact full-functional application for burning data, DVD-Video (miniDVD) and AudioCD on optical discs in Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Seven. Features: ? SCSI, ATAPI, Parallel port, USB (1.1 and 2.0) and FireWire (IEEE 1394) devices support ? ASPI, SPTI, SPTD interfaces support ? Burning any discs support ? "On-The-Fly" burning support ? PerformOPC support ? OverBurning (in UUDS - HyperBurning) support ? Test burning (for CD only) support ? Supported BUP (Buffer Underrun Protection) ? Supported burning modes: TAO, DAO, SAO ? Used file systems at burning data: ? ? ISO9660 (Mode1/Mode2, Level1/Level2) ? ? ISO9660+JOLIET ? ? UDF v.1.02 (UNICODE) ? Creating bootable discs ? Burning multisessional discs with a choice of any imported session ? Burning of multiple disc copies ? Verifing burning information ? Creating ISO/UDF image file ? At AudioCD burning support ? ? Full CD-Text option ? ? At burning in Track-At-Once (TAO) mode are available setting a pause between tracks (PreGap) ? DVD-Video and miniDVD burning support (on the any disc types) ? Additional functions support ? ? Basic information getting for disc and device ? ? Discs grabbing to: ISO and MDS/XMF ? ? Image file burning. Multisession image file supported (own format UDI) ? ? Image file burning. One-session image file supported ? ? Audiotracks ripping with converting to format MP3, OGG or FLAC ? ? Session extract ? Works in all 32/64bit Windows systems (except Windows 95)