With its monthly, weekly, daily and hourly piece rated computation, it is an effective payroll system for all types of businesses and industries. To make it more convenient, UBS Payroll is able to convert net salaried data to text format via diskette for Banks that offers credit salary facilities. UBS Human Resource Management is designed to help small and medium-sized companies to manage their personnel effectively and efficiently. It is a flexible solution to facilitate the management of standard human resource related procedures via electronic application modules, such as leave and reimbursements / claims application / control, resource requisition, and performance appraisal processes. UBS Human Resource Management can be integrated with UBS Payroll and UBS Time Attendance System. 1. New Wizard Setup 1. Shown during initial setup. 2. Serves as a quick start to new users in getting started with the system. 3. Provides a step-by-step guide for the user to setup necessary masters in the system. 4. Reduces the hassle of going thru different menu paths in order to get all the setup required in place. 5. The step by step wizard 2. New User Interface 1. Quick access to process flow. 2. Task flows are displayed on the newly introduced dashboard. 3. User is allowed to choose to execute tasks by clicking on the process flow button to access the entry screen directly. 4. Quick access helps to speed up a task by eliminating the tedious tasks of having to go a few levels to call up the entry screen itself. 5. Useful for new users who are not familiar with the system. 3. Enhanced APS format for UBS Payroll 1. In the latest release, the APS format has been enhanced to support the RHB and CIMB banks.