In the recent time technology is growing so fast that everyone is fond off to depend on kind of tool, so for that our company has launched PDF Bates Stamper with which adding or stamping page number will become simple and easy. For any user who has to add labels or sections to his existing PDF documents or to add sections to the standard terms of presentations made in Adobe Acrobat; this PDF bates Stamper is the perfect solution. PDF bates tool has following advance features: * Allows alignment of bates number, * Shows preview of stamped PDF documents and files, * Bates multiple PDF files at a time, * Allows printing of stamped document before saving of PDF files. PDF stamp software is a standalone utility and there is no requirement of Adobe Acrobat for using this PDF Bates tool. This PDF page numbering software stamps existing PDF documents based on their page numbers, dates and times. So, one can stamp PDF file using PDF Bates Numberer most efficiently and satisfactorily. You can use Prefix and suffix feature to insert the text before and after the Bates number with its prefix and suffix options. Get PDF Bates Numberer tool with which you can easily add page numbers in the PDF pages without paying any cost for it. The free version has some restriction so that you need to purchase its full version to enjoy its full beneficially features. You may also contact our 24*7 support team or visit: