Question Content According to APICS CSCP Exam Outlines : Supply Chain Management Fundamentals , Supply Chain Management Overview ,Major Supply Chain Identification ,Supply Chain Management Processes ,Supply Chain Management Evolution ,Value Creation By Supply Chain Management ,Supply Chain Management Corporate Strategies ,Supply Chain Strategy and Corporate Strategy ,Supply Chain Risk Management , Decision Making Through Supply Chain and Corporate Strategy ,Performance Measurement for Supply Chains ,Financial Performance Measurement for Supply Chains ,Human Resource Management for Supply Chains ,Supply Chain Security and Compliance ,Supply Chain Continuous Improvement and Methods ,Supply Chain Visibility and Analysis ,Supply Chain Change Management ,Supply Chain Operations, Planning and Logistics Supply Chain Demand Dynamics ,Supply Chain Forecasting , Types of Supply Chain Collaboration ,Marketing and Demand ,Product Design ,Sales and Operations ,Production Scheduling , Materials Requirements ,Distribution Planning ,Capacity Planning ,Inventory Management ,Transportation Logistics , Warehousing ,Third and Forth Party Logistics ,Reverse Logistics Operations ,International Logistics ,Customer and Supplier Relationships ,Supply Chain Management Relationships ,Customer / Supplier Relationship Management ,Supplier Relationship Management ,Lifetime Customer Value ,Customer / Supplier Relationship Management Components ,The Product Lifecycle , Customer / Supplier Types ,Customer Segments ,Customer / Supplier Relationship Information Management ,Customer / Supplier Relationship Management Technology ,Customer / Supplier Relationship Management Performance ,Outsource Customer / Supplier Relationship Management ,Supply Management Risks ,Supplier Alliances ,Supply Chain Network Integration ,Customer / Supplier Relationship Problems ,Supply Chain Management Technology. # Questions are Situational and Complex. No Easy Questions, NO True/False Questions.