Live scoreboard software for snooker, billiards and pool for an internet audience. MiniScorer is an unobtrusive desktop application for submitting scores to a online scoreboard for viewing by a global audience. MiniScorer is free software for the cuesport community. MiniScorer has been specially designed for use on the same computer that is used for scoring and displaying the scoreboard to a local audience at the same time. To use MiniScorer and provide live match scores to a global audience an Internet connection is required. It?s compact size and prominent focus enables it to be positioned anywhere on the screen such as the far bottom right of the screen, where it can be unobtrusive and not block an audience?s view of the scoreboard. The primary operation is to send scores to an online database and retrieve the updated frame score: 1. When the application is run it prompts for the Match Code to submit 2. If in the database user is then presented for login and password 3. Successful login retrieves the match details and current frame scores 4. Scorer sends scores to the database from the event as they are witnessed MiniScorer has been designed to sit prominently over all other applications such as scoreboards, web browser windows, toolbar, etc and maintain focus so that the scorer can simply use the number pad on their keyboard and just hit Enter to update the scores. To move MiniScorer around on your screen simply click-drag the MiniScorer logo and move it to where you want it seen. MiniScorer is available in about 20 different languages.