Simple Image Tools is a set of simple-to-use graphic applications that allow you to process images in various ways. Each product in the suite performs only one task, and performs it well. Every product, except Image Scan, comes in 2 versions: - a graphical user interface (GUI) version that presents a user-friendly interface to perform your tasks, - a command-line version that allows you to run your processes non-interactively e.g. processing images in batches on a scheduled basis (see here for an example). The suite of products lets you: - quickly sort a vast collection of digital photos based on EXIF data. - strip identifying information out of your photos before posting them online. - resize, rotate, and adjust colors on your photos. - convert photos from one file format to another. - maintain your ownership rights by implementing a text or image watermark. - restrict access to your photos using a password. - hide secret text and files in plain sight. - add frames to your images. - scan multi-page documents using visual and audio cues.