HIGHLIGHTS! Find out more about our Add-On modules which is available in this version: * UBS eCredit Controller * UBS ePayMaster * UBS eWebMaster * ACT! by Sage for UBS * UBS Mobile NEW FEATURES: 1. Wizard Setup 1. Available during initial setup. * Serves as a quick start to new users in getting started with the system. * Provides a step-by-step guide to set up necessary data in the system. * Reduces the steps required to go through different menu paths in order to get all the required set up in place. * The step-by-step wizard includes the following business process:- UBS Accounting Software 2. Transaction Wizards 1. Simplify entry process for new users. 2. Provide step-by-step guide to enter transaction with samples for reference. 3. Minimize entry error. 4. The transaction wizards available are: * Start Your Business * Sales Journal * Purchase Journal * Cheque Received Journal * Cheque Payment Journal 3. User Interface 1. Quick access to process flow. 2. Task flows are displayed on the new dashboard. 3. You can choose to execute tasks by clicking on the process flow button to access the entry screen directly. 4. Quick access helps to speed up access. 5. Useful for new users who are not familiar with the system. 6. Quick access process flows are grouped by the following sections:- 4. Enhanced Features 1. Debtor Receipt and Creditor Payment - new entry screen. 1. These 2 new screens are introduced to give user a better cash flow management and to work efficiently. 2. Benefits included: * Overview on all bank balances.