Nowadays information has much more powerful influence than even several years ago. That is why more and more people have business connected with some kind of private and secret information. Such kind of data needs to be protected from undesirable access. Data leakage results in great financial losses, theft of crucial information and dishonest competition. Consequently, various kinds of business organizations need some software that is able to delete important information without a trace. We are glad to present Safe Deleter - the great secure deletion tool that will bring safety of documentation to the higher level. This secure file deleter is able to accomplish secure erase of all confidential data due to intelligent wipe techniques utilization. Safe Deleter by ABTO Software will become an irreplaceable tool for removing all kind of information from your computer with Windows OS on it. Secure Delete Tool by ABTO Software brings lots of benefits for your business. In order to remove, or shred files permanently from your system you have to use a program that is capable of rewriting the files with random series of binary data multiple times. This process is often called safe deletion. That way, the actual content of the file has been overwritten and the possibilities to recover such a deleted file are mostly theoretical. If you care about the privacy of your corporate documents and files and want to keep them in safety, ABTO Software`s Secure Deleter is right tool for you. You can be absolutely confident that shredded data become non-recoverable forever. What is the main reason for using ABTO Software`s Secure Delete Software? Even while encrypting files with Windows' Encrypting File System (EFS), original unencrypted file information still stays on the disk after a new file's encrypted version is created. So, secure data erasure, including files encrypted with EFS, with further recovery protection can be accomplished only with Safe Deleter software.