Simple Blu-ray Video Authoring SDK The Simple Blu-ray Video Authoring SDK (SBDAU) package is a simple software development kit for creating Blu-ray movies. The SDK can help you transform high definition video content into Blu-ray Discs in the BDMV format. The SDK is also available with integrated support for output to the AVCHD format. All functional routines in the package have been developed and constructed under Microsoft Visual C++ compiler (6.0) environment. Key Features * Authoring a BDMV project sturcture (i.e. Streams, Clips, PlayLists, Movie Objects, etc.) * Creating an ISO image file from BDMV project (UDF 2.50 file system) Input * High definition video, TS and M2TS file with MPEG-2, H.264 / AVC, VC-1 codec. * MKV video with MPEG-2, H.264 / AVC, VC-1 codec. Output * BDMV folder, author HD video to hard drive as a BDMV-compliant or AVCHD-compliant directory structure. * ISO image file, build a BDMV-compliant or AVCHD-compliant disc image encapsulated in a single ISO file (UDF 2.50 file system), which may subsequently be written to disc. Requirements * Operating System - Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 * Disk Space - 300 KB for the SBDAU SDK libraries Supports: * Any suggestions and questions please email to: