Copernic Tracker is a powerful Web site tracking software that monitors Web pages and notifies you when they change. It keeps you up to date with what's new on sites you're interested in and saves you countless browsing hours. Copernic Tracker automatically looks for new content on Web pages, as often as you like. When a change is detected, our Web site tracking software can notify you by sending an email, including a copy of the Web page with the changes highlighted, or by displaying a desktop alert. While being incredibly easy to use, Copernic Tracker will satisfy power-users seeking to monitor Web site changes, to then store and organize changes captured on specified pages. It's the perfect Internet monitoring software for everyone from home users to competitive intelligence researchers! Key Features: ?Monitor Web site changes for text changes, new images, and more ?Receive update alerts by email, on your desktop, and even on your cell phone ?View updated pages with changes highlighted ?Schedule monitoring to run daily, weekly or even up to the minute ?Watch for specific keywords on pages ?Archive different versions of tracked pages ?Track any page you browse with a single click