PDF Restriction Remover can be used to decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which have "owner" password set, preventing the file from editing (changing), printing, selecting text and graphics (and copying them into the Clipboard), or adding/changing annotations and form fields. Decryption is being done instantly. Decrypted file can be opened in any PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader) without any restrictions, i.e. with edit/copy/print functions enabled. All versions of Adobe Acrobat (including 5.x, which features 128-bit encryption) are supported. PDF Restriction Remover will decrypt PDF files protected with owner password, it will remove restrictions of PDF files, restrictions usually include the impossibility to print or edit or modify the PDF file. PDF Restriction Remover can't decrypt PDF files protected with user passwords which you are asked for opening the file. PDF Restriction Remover can decrypt PDF files encrypted with standard encryption handler only. The documents protected with any other encryption handlers (like FileOpen from Standards Australia Software Services, or SoftLock's Acrobat Security Plug-Ins) cannot be decrypted. PDF Restriction Remover Features: 1. PDF Restriction Remover is easy to use; 2. PDF Restriction Remover supports drag and drop PDF files; 3. PDF Restriction Remover does NOT need Adobe Acrobat software; 4. PDF Restriction Remover supports Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and 2003 Systems; 5. PDF Restriction Remover supports PDF 1.6 files, including 40-bit RC4 decryption, 128-bit RC4 decryption, AES decryption, compressed files and unencrypted metadata; 7. The speed of decryption in PDF Restriction Remover is very fast; 8. PDF Restriction Remover supports batch operation on many files from command line; 9. PDF Restriction Remover supports Adobe Standard 40-bit Encryption, Adobe Advanced 128-bit Encryption and AES Encryption; 10. PDF Restriction Remover supports batch operation from command line;