Surface XML Images Gallery is the ultimate stylish image gallery built in Adobe Flash. You can use it as a component into your project or STANDALONE into your website, even if you do not know anything about the actionscript language, and also you do not have a copy of the software. Through a simple modification of the XML file, you will be able to setup your gallery and make it works in 5 minutes. Surface comes with its own class so it can be used in your projects by simply drag and drop. Thanks to the guide you will be able to use the gallery immediately, allowing you to learn over the several possibilities offered by Surface XML Images Gallery. Features: 1. Unlimited Images 2. Image Drag and Drop 3. Image Drag and Scale 4. Smooth motion effect (surface like) 5. Images auto resize ( you can use images with all resolution) 6. You can define thumbs size by XML 7. You can use caption or not by XML 8. You can set image display area by XML