If you are unable to open BKF file in Windows 8, then BKF repair tool which is an advanced & a reliable tool for performing corrupt open BKF files. This tool easily scan multiple corrupt BKF files at one time. Windows BKF files corruption issue occurred due to virus infection, but you need to consider before doing all things related backup files like: you must choose verified data after backup option and verify status after backup creation in the application log event entries. Get an effective tool and free tool to open corrupt BKF files. This stellar tool enabled with lots of high excellence or quick data recovery process. That's why we have made some changes as time to time. You can enjoy some options for instant or quick data recovery as like 1. Quick Data Recovery 2. Deep Data Recovery 3. Range Based Data Recovery After using the corrupt open BKF tool you can well familiar about how to open any corrupt BKF files. For your easiness we offer two facilities to check the tool 1. Freeware Version: Allow to fix only corrupt BKF files without saving it. Shareware Version: It will allow you to save corrupt BKF files on your selected location. But pay $89 only for Personal License or $180 for Business License only.