SDB Explorer is a User Interface to manage large volumes of distributed data Amazon's SimpleDB. Amazon SimpleDB is a highly available, scalable, non-relational data store that can offload database administration work from Application Developers. Simple DB Explorer simplifies the use of Simple DB. No need for Simple DB APIs for database operations with SDB Explorer. Supports searching, creating, storing and updating structured data in cost efficient way and with ease. Run queries in SDB Explorer like other databases without any coding. Find us at and -Supports Identity and Access Management interface for Amazon Simple DB. -Experience fast, multiple and parallel Uploads, Deletes (Empty Domain + Delete Items), Exports and Imports. -Uses BatchDelete and BatchPUT to achieve best throughput and high performance. -Create and Explore Domain (Structured data that you store on Amazon SimpleDB in an organized form) on SimpleDB. -Import data from Mysql database on Amazon SimpleDB in easy steps. -Import & Export data in CSV to backup, restore or copy the SimpleDB Domain. -Add/Edit/Delete multiple Amazon SimpleDB records with In-Place Cell Editing. -Edit multiple Amazon SimpleDB records with In-Place Cell Editing. -Supports 'Auto Generate Item Name' while bulk uploading data to Amazon SimpleDB -Run SELECT queries on structured data stored in SimpleDB Domain. -Add multi-value for an attribute OR replace older value using ADD/Replace option. -Search on Amazon SimpleDB Item Name. -Sort your Amazon SimpleDB records by Attributes in ascending/ descending order without writing the SELECT query -View Domain properties with Property option -Schedule SDB Commander to schedule and automate Export Domain operation. -View money charged by Amazon SimpleDB for executed queries