Premember is a windows based desktop application developed to make time tracking easier and faster by giving the user the ability to look back into time. Premember saves screenshots during the day. And then these screenshots are used to give the user a complete overview off what the user did during the day. So then the user can simply fills in his tasks at the end of the week by looking back in time in a structured way. Besides looking back in time Premember also contains the following features : #Export to Word *1 Export the task data into bills, invoices and other custom documents with a click of a button. #Import from Outlook *1 Import appointments from Outlook. #Quick start/stop (Add a task to your calendar by the use of a button in the tray icon. #Views Premember contains a moth, week and classic view, that let you see in a graphical way how much time you spent on the different tasks in different time spans. Premember can be used for anyone who sits most of their time behind the pc and works in a projected orientated manner such as: # Programmers can use it as a tool to track of programming projects. # Writers can use it as a tool to keep track what they have been writing about. # Freelancers can use it to keep track of their projects and use it for billing a customer. # Project Managers can use the management functionality to keep track of their projects and make reports. # Entrepreneurs can use it to save time or start keeping track of their time. # Graphic designer can use Premember to see how and how long they worked on different projects. *1 Since Microsoft office is used for this functionality, Microsoft Office 2003 or later needs to be installed to use this feature.