ProtoMon is a network monitoring software intended to check your servers and let you know when some of them aren't available. It supports the following network protocols: - ICMP - HTTP(HTTPS) - FTP(FTPS) - POP3(POP3S) - IMAP(S) - SMTP(SMTPS) - Telnet(SSH) - SFTP - Custom TCP connections. If a server is not responding, the program will perform any of these actions: - send a notification e-mail message. - launch an application - display a pop-up notification window. - play a sound. ProtoMon can do some additional actions, such as filter the downloaded content, check the Internet connection, download a file while checking an FTP or SFTP server, send a test e-mail message while checking an SMTP server, execute the scripts via Telnet or SSH, etc. ProtoMon can monitor various system information of any remote Windows computer. CPU and memory usage, registry and services, files and processes, etc. Also ProtoMon contains the "Console" monitor. It allows you to launch any console programs, batch scripts or separate commands and retrieve their output. Then grabbed data can be checked using the powerful filter with a support of the complex boolean expressions. If the output data failed to fulfill the filter, ProtoMon can trigger the specified notification events. The program keeps network monitoring statistics, and displays it both in text and graphical forms. You can receive the server statuses and statistics remotely, using your default web browser. This can be done in two different ways. ProtoMon contains a built-in web server, and you can start it and connect directly. Or you can configure the program to create the static web pages within specified intervals and put them to the desired folder. This allows you to use your default web server (Apache, IIS, or any else) to access statistics.