Power XML template is the ultimate solution for creating, editing and launching your website in Adobe Flash even if you do not know anything about the actionscript language, and you do not have a copy of the software. Through a simple modification of the XML file, you will be able to setup your main menu and footer, to use up to 7 predefined modules and, above all, to update your website on your own. This template structure is quite complex, but it is very easy to use. Thanks to this guide you will be able to use the template immediately, allowing you to learn over time the several possibilities offered by Power XML Template. 15 pages manual! Features: ? LAYOUT: o Liquid layout o Fully resizable o Content always aligned to the center of the stage. ? Options that can be edited from the XML file: o Main menu o Submenu o Small logo on the top bar o Big logo in the center of the page o Site name o Site URL o Webmaster's email address o Background audio file o Background (it can be a dynamic or static swf file, or an image) o Ability to switch between different background colors at the touch of a menu button o Footer's text o Address ? Options for each menu items o Section name o Content type o XML file associated to the specific section o Any submenus with name, content type and associate XML file ? HTML module o XML driven o Ability to enter html formatted text with your own stylesheet o Ability to enter images and links o View in a draggable window and scrollbar (if needed) with tween ? NEWS module o XML driven o Unlimited News o Big news display at mouse click o Html formatted text with his own CSS file o Multiple use allowed ? TEAM module o XML driven o Unlimited people o Html formatted text with his own CSS file o Multiple use allowed ? PHOTOGALLERY module o PPG is resizable to automatically fit browser windows o Works with categories o XML driven, and then easy to update o Powerful full screen ZOOM