Website Blocker is website monitoring and blocking software for enterprise and parents to keep an eye on users' website usage history. This website monitoring software allows you to monitor website activity of employees or children amd block access to certain unwanted websites. What's more, you can also monitor all searching keywords typed in search engines and filter those keywords that are non-work-related or inappropriate to kids. Website Blocker can also log files downloaded from HTTP server. This website monitoring software will help you ensure employees' working efficiency and kids' online safety. Free download website monitoring software and experience the free trial version to witness its benefits. The following is the feature list of this website usage monitoring software. Key Features of Website Monitoring Software 1 Monitor websites visited - Record and save all website visited, visiting time and title of each webpage browsed. 2 Block unwanted websites - You can block all the websites that you think not proper for employees or kids. Like social network sites ( Myspace, Orkut, Facebook, etc. ), shopping sites ( Amazon, Ebay, etc.), and porn sites. 3 Log searching keywords employees typed in search in google and yahoo - You can see exactly what the user are interested in. 4 Block searching keywords in search engines - You can filter the words that are offensive or impolite in google and yahoo by setting keyword-blocking list. 5 Log files downloaded from HTTP server. 6 Full support for Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista 7 Work in stealth mode - Undetectable by computer users and completely invisible to anti-virus software. 8 Easy to setup and easy to maintain 9 All logs will be sent to the your preset email box - You can check anytime you want. 10 Logs can be exported to HTML EXCEL format - You can conveniently archive all files of website usage history.