Do you keep contact information in one program while using another program to list important documents, a spreadsheet for appointments, another spreadsheet to list your possessions for insurance purposes, photo album software to keep your digitial photos, a journal to record your daily thoughts and activities, etc? Well, your life just got a little easier. Allow us to introduce our newest application, All My Data?, a deceptively simple, yet incredibly powerful personal information manager. All My Data? doesn't tie you to a fixed idea of how your data should be stored. You define your own data structures! In other words, suppose you need a program to store contact information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc). But you want to store some special data for each contact like pet's name, favorite color, or whatever is important to you. Maybe you want to attach a photo. With All My Data?, you are limited only by your imagination. There are five different "data types" you can use to define each of your fields (there's no limit to the number of fields each database can contain): ?Short Text - Text field. Used for names, phone numbers, etc. ?Long Text - Generally used for storing a few paragraphs. Perfect for a daily journal or diary when combined with a Date field (see below). ?Date - Use it in a Contact database to store birthday's, or an asset database to store dates of purchase. ?Checkbox - Used for "boolean" fields. (True/False, Yes/No). ?Attachment - Let's you attach an external file to a record in your database. Digital pictures of the people in your contact database, mpeg files in a database of your favorite music, or even a web site! And when you click on an attachment, it loads and runs! All My Data? is actually many programs in one. How many? Well, that's entirely up to you! You've now got all of your important data contained in one place, accessible by one simple, easy to use program. How cool is that?