Daddy's Eye Pro is a two-in-one software/service wich allows you to monitor your Symbian 9 compatable smartphone in real time. This system can collect SMS, Call log, Conversation records, MMS, Network info (Cell ID), GPS Tracking. Features: - SMS, Call, MMS, Network Info, GPS, Camera shots logging; - uploading contacts list to online account; - uploading requested files to online account; - uploading phone file system to online account; - logging events only from specified contacts, or disabling logging events from specified contacts; - logging phone reboots; - remote control by SMS; - recording with low weight AMR format; - automatic uploading collected data to online account; - environment recording; - autostarting after phone rebooting; - protection by code from uninstalling; - hidden mode: the application will not be shown up in the installed apps folder or tasks list.