Key features of Kordil EDMS Document Management Software * Target oriented document management; straight forward to install, use and publish * Only server side installation required, users access it over the network (Internet, intranet) * Fully free to use for commercial and individuals * Online data entry, and online data import * Latest revision control * Category filtering * Advanced document searching * Export document list to Excel, Word, CSV, XML, TXT * Email this page and online document distribution * Structured user access levels from 0-9 (admin will not notice that) * User facebook with comprehensive personal information database * Lesson learned system with an approval procedure * Sharing experiences system * User daily performance reporting system * Routine message and information posting (reduces the emails) * Departments inventory system * Single installation for entire company (may require professional support from Kordil) * Several instances can be installed under a domain name * and there are much more than a document management software