Netman Enterprise is LAN-Penetrated, high-security remote control software which lets you collaborate with your partners or concurrently control a group of remote PCs without anyone’s awareness. When connected, you can view and record the desktops of a group of PCs, control mouse and keyboards, manage and distribute files, start video and audio communication, broadcast group massages, offer remote support, etc. 1. Remote Access to Multiple PCs. You can easily access a group of computers that are related to your account, view and record desktop, distribute files to certain PCs, send group messages, chat via video and audio, etc. Furthermore, the powerful LAN-Penetrated feature enables you to connect with your LAN partners and increase the productivity of your team. 2. Monitor and Control. Apart from collaborating with your partners, you can also monitor and control PCs from background, transfer files without anyone’s awareness, turn on PC cameras, record videos of desktops and cameras, etc. 3. High Security and Antivirus-Approved. The treble password that Netman adopts ensures you high security protection against unauthorized access. Besides it is recognized by major Antivirus owing to its advanced safety technology. 4. Remote Boot, Restart, Logoff and Shutdown. Remotely restart, log out and shut down a group of computers. Furthermore, you can remotely turn on your PCs that are equipped with Netman Computer Starter (hardware), by simply dialing the phone number or cellphone number combined with the starter. 5. File Transfer and Distribution. Distribute files to certain partners’ computers; modify files remotely; create new files and folders; delete files, etc. 6. Sub-account Management. You can set up and give authorities to sub-accounts to manage and control remote PCs related to your account. 7. Remote PC Support. Remotely offer technical support to your friends or partners who are not tech-savvy.