FortGuard DDoS Attack Monitor ver 1.3 . True green software, no need to install. . The best tools to monitor and analyze DDoS attacks. System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Server Have you ever encountered the following situations? . Your website access is suddenly very slow or even unreachable . Your online game players disconnected all of a sudden . inetinfo.exe, w3wp.exe or database process made CPU occupation rate very high If the hardware problem could be excluded, you are probably facing DDoS attack! How to verify, monitor and analyze the attack? Run FortGuard DDoS Attack Monitor and check first! On the common sense, . SYN Packets/s > 100: SYN Flooding attack. . ACK Packets/s > 500: ACK Flooding attack. (But for the downloading website, ACK Packets/s could possibly get to more than 1000) . ICMP Packets/s > 50: ICMP Flooding attack. . UDP Packets/s number is small while bandwidth occupation is high: UDP Flooding attack possibly. . CPU occupation rate is more than 80%, and it is mostly caused by inetinfo.exe, w3wp.exe or database process: Vicious TCP Flooding attack. FortGuard DDoS firewall can protect against all attacks above. FortGuard DDos Protection FortGuard provides the most reliable and fastest DDoS protection for online enterprises, public & media services, essential infrastructure and Internet service providers. Under attack? Please feel free to contact us. MSN Online (Binger) Technical Support Copyright@2003-2009 FortGuard Software Technology Ltd. All rights reserved.