Professional Web Application Firewall for IIS. Manage, Protect and Active-Defend your IIS Server perfectly. Features: Anti-SQLFlood DDoS Attack. Prevent SQL injection, cross Site scripting, directory traversal, evil encode and other webhacker intrusions. Enable or Disable proxy server access. Hotlinking prevention of pictures, downloading files and media files. Anti-StealLink develop kits, supporting any web system and any user database. Restrictions of downloading thread per IP and downloading speed per Thread. Spurious server. Filter of HTTP command Keywords and versions. Restriction of the max length of Url. IP and IP range block. Trust script function for anti-Trojanuploading Logs of Event records. GUI and web interface management for enterprise. Adjust settings without reset of Windows IIS. All errors messages can be linked to user-defined Urls. Integrated technology does not affect server performance. Microsoft Windows Server 2000/2003 Free download at