Motorbike games wallpaper.What are mini dirt bikes? As the name suggests, mini dirt bikes are basically small dirt bikes. They have quite a lot less power than a standard dirt bike but appear virtually the same. Racing dirt bikes is a popular pastime with people of all age, many grandfathers and grandchildren take part in regular races and the younger you start the better you will be. Honda is a name that summons respect in the biking world, though no one would have guessed that from its dubious beginnings and low sales. When Soichiro Honda opened the first store in Los Angeles in 1959, the reception was tepid at best. The American people were already devoted to their Harleys and Triumphs. Honda tried, in vain, for that first year to sell his products, but was only able to come up with 1700 units. The American market refused to let him in.It’s been said that there are only two types of racer; those that have been down and those that are going to go down. It really is inevitable, so make sure you’re as protected as you can be when it happens. Many professional riders can list numerous broken bones and some nasty dirt rash as part of their credentials but they keep getting back on the bike for more. They truly are adrenalin junkies.