Points Export for AutoCAD is a Point Text file export plug-in for AutoCAD®. This plug-in gives AutoCAD powered applications the ability to export point data to text files. Points Export for AutoCAD reads point objects in an AutoCAD drawing and writes it out to a text file in the XYZ to YXZ format. The point coordinates can be delimited by standard delimiters such as comma, space, tab, semicolon or a custom delimiter. Points Export for AutoCAD can also extract points from other objects such as end points of curves, centers of circles/arcs/ellipses, vertices of polylines, meshes, etc. Apart from writing out a text file containing the point coordinates, Points Export for AutoCAD can even create point objects corresponding to the coordinates in the current drawing. Points Export for AutoCAD is very easy to use. Once installed, it must be loaded into the AutoCAD environment. There are simple instructions for this in the ReadMe file. Once loaded it adds new commands to AutoCAD's existing commands and a new submenu called "OBJExport" to the AutoCAD menu containing these newly added commands. The 'PointsExport' menu consists of the following commands: # PointsExport - Exports a Points file # PointsExportHelp - Displays the Points Export for AutoCAD help file # PointsExportRegister - Registers your copy of Points Export for AutoCAD # PointsExportAbout - Displays the Points Export for AutoCAD About box Points Export for AutoCAD comes with detailed documentation for each command as well as a tutorial to get you started in the shortest possible time.