PIX Import for Rhino is a Dr. Picza (.pix) file import plug-in for Rhinoceros® 3.0 and 4.0. This plug-in gives Rhino the ability to import geometric data from ASCII and Binary PIX files. PIX Import for Rhino reads surface and polygon mesh data stored in PIX files and imports it into Rhino. If the PIX file contains a scan of a surface, PIX Import for Rhino can recreate the surface as a single nurbs surface or sets of nurbs curves, polylines or lines describing the isocurves or even a set of node points. If the PIX file contains the scan information in the form of a polygon mesh, PIX Import for Rhino recreates the mesh model inside the active Rhino drawing. The mesh can be recreated as set of points, lines, faces or a polygon mesh. PIX Import for Rhino is designed to be extremely user friendly and easy to understand. It adds new commands to Rhino and also a new submenu called "PIXImport" which houses these commands. The 'PIXImport' submenu consists of the following commands: PIXImport - Imports a PIX file PIXImportHelp - Displays the PIX Import for Rhino help file PIXImportRegister - Register your copy of PIX Import for Rhino PIXImportAbout - Displays the PIX Import for Rhino about box