DataSafeXL ( has developed a pioneering product, XLSafe, which can help you secure the contents of your files and restrict their distribution at the same time. Our software can be used to: * Protect databases and sensitive data stored in Microsoft ® EXCEL * Secure financial/ operational models developed in Microsoft ® EXCEL * Prevent employees from compromising company data and sensitive information * Control access and use of Microsoft ® EXCEL spreadsheets * Secure data when files are stolen, lost or transmitted to other computers With XLSafe, you can benefit from the following: Secure your confidential data: With XLSafe the contents of your files can only be viewed on your own computer, thanks to the innovative hardware security framework of XLSafe. This implies that your Microsoft ® EXCEL spreadsheets will remain protected when your files get stolen, lost or transmitted to other computers. Protection against password recovery software: The innovative shell interface of XLSafe files ensures that the security of your files is not compromised by password recovery software or other third party tools which infringe the security framework of Microsoft ® EXCEL. Encrypt your data at 128-bit: The contents of your files are automatically encrypted using the strongest cryptographic provider at 128-bit. Restrict distribution of your files: You can distribute your protected files to their intended users without worrying that these users will pass on your spreadsheets to other third parties. This can be achieved by setting a password to open XLSafe files or by using XLSafe's pioneering hardware activation algorithms. Protect spreadsheet structure: With XLSafe, you can easily maintain the design of your spreadsheets and protect it from accidental or intentional changes. Through the XLSafe protection interface you can choose to protect your sheets and charts in an instant.