Bucket Explorer is a User Interface for Amazon's Simple Storage Service, S3. Amazon allows you to store data securely in folder like "buckets" on S3 for "pay only for what you use" price. Using Bucket Explorer, you can safely and securely store your files off-site on S3, access your files from anywhere, share your files with friends, or even share them with everyone. You can use Bucket Explorer as a simple FTP tool or a backup tool for Amazon S3, it also works with Amazon S3 Europe (S3 EU for storing data in Europe). All you need to do is: 1. Create an AWS (Amazon Web Services) account at http://www.amazon.com/s3 2. Subscribe to the Simple Storage Service 3. Download and quickly install Bucket Explorer 4. Enter your Access ID Key and Secret Access Key from your AWS Access Identifiers page into Bucket Explorer fields to connect to S3 5. Create your buckets and upload, manage and share your files online on S3. Why use Amazon S3? -Your data is secure -No minimum and over usage fee for data storage -Use it as an "off site" backup -Use it as a web hosting service -Use it to share data with others How does Bucket Explorer help? -Browse your buckets and files on S3 -Upload and download files, to and from Amazon S3 buckets. -Set Server Access Logging (Bucket Logging) for Audits. -Synchronize data between multiple computers. -Upload files in HTML format for Web Hosting. -Create public URLs and signed URLs to share the files. -Access shared buckets and files from someone else's account. -Set Access Control on Buckets and Files for authorizing other -Amazon users or non authenticated users with different access rights. Useful Bucket Explorer links- Try Now- http://www.bucketexplorer.com/be-download.html Purchase- http://www.bucketexplorer.com/be-purchase.html Free online support- http://www.bucketexplorer.com/be-support.html Online demo- http://www.bucketexplorer.com/be-viewdemo.html?tour=bucketexplorer