TopRingtoneInstaller is a desktop application that can load any MP3 or MIDI music file from your PC and install it directly to your Treo or Centro, making it available for the Phone. TopRingtoneInstaller is as simple as it can be. The following example shows 3 simple steps of installing a ringtone. AS SIMPLE AS IT CAN BE: SELECT RIGHT-CLICK AN MP3 OR MIDI FILE SYNCHRONIZE TRANSFER YOUR RINGTONE APPLY USE YOUR RINGTONE TopRingtoneInstaller can install virtually any MP3 or MIDI file to your Treo, however in some rare occasions (depending on the music file format) the Treo's Phone application may not be able to play it. The size of MIDI files is restricted by the system to no more than 64K. MP3 files can be of any size, but remember that the memory of your device is limited. After installing a ringtone, you may modify its properties or remove it with the built-in "Sounds" application. Supported Treo models: Treo 600 (MIDI ringtones only), Treo 650, Treo 680, Treo 700p, Treo 755p, and Palm Centro.