Make More Money...Learn a New Language Recently I read a book by Thomas L. Friedman called “The World is Flat.” It is a very interesting book about how the world is changing and how the interaction between people, cultures, and languages is affecting our lives today and how it will continue to affect all of our lives now and in the future. My reading left me with a deep impression of how fast our world is changing and how important our communications with others who speak different languages can be. Not long ago I traveled to Hong Kong and then to mainland China. These areas are an entrepreneur’s dream. I was totally fascinated with the culture, the people and all of their goods. My mind was totally stimulated over what could be done by marketing various products and the opportunities that they offered. I had a young Chinese man who traveled with me who spoke fluent English. This enabled me to do the business I went there to accomplish and saved a lot of time. Because of his language skills I always knew what was going on, how and where to travel, what to eat, and where to stay. It turned out to be a wonderful and successful trip because of his language skills WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE MORE MONEY Think about it! There are 1000’s of ways to increase your income. First you need an idea or let’s say a goal. This is only one simple way to do something to help you make more money and increase your job security. STEPS FOR SUCCESS 1. Pick a language you want to learn 2. Look around for opportunities where you live 3. Set your goal for the type of job you want to have 4. Learn the language that you have chosen 5. Pick out a number of companies you want to interview with 6. Take a job that fits your goal PICK A LANGUAGE YOU WANT TO LEARN You may have a language you have secretly wanted to learn. You may come through a family that has it roots from Germany, Italy, China, Japan, Portugal,