Securely share files, sync folder, remote backup and do VNC via Google based VPN, even behind NAT! Gbridge helps you to manage your multiple PCs, and collaborate works with close friends. You can also use it to privately exchange huge media files with your family. Gbridge has many unique features. -- SecureShare, AutoSync, LiveBrowse: You can drag&drop a folder to create a share and select which friend can access. Before syncing the folder, your friends can remotely browse the folder, see the auto-generated photo thumnail/slideshow, play MP3 online. You can sync folders among your own PCs too. -- EasyBackup: Setup a recurring local or remote backup of your important folder is just easy. -- Built-in VNC: You can remote access your PC desktop or invite your friend to see your desktop for collaboration. -- Chat: You can chat with your Gtalk friend, and invite them to use Gbridge and join your VPN. All services are running on top of the VPN that is automatically formed among your multiple PCs no matter where they are. You can also extend the VPN to include your Gtalk friend's PCs if both sides allow. You have full control over what resources are available to your friend. Since Gbridge creates tunnel through NAT or firewall and connects PCs directly, it gives you maximum throughput and privacy. Gbridge is 100% free and has no limitation.