Triaxes StereoTracer is designed for rendering multi-view images out of one original photo and depth-map in order to create 3D-image (stereo or flip). StereoTracer can either use given depth-map or create depth-map "on-the-fly" out of original photo. Depth-map (also known as disparity image or Z-image) is a gray-scale image which resolution is equal to original image. Depth-map serves to convert original image into a three-dimensional one. Brightness of pixel in depth-map shows distance from the same pixel in original image to viewer. The lighter areas in depth-map correspond to the areas nearer to the viewer, the darker ones correspond to more remote areas. White pixel in depth map means that the pixel of original image has the smallest distance to viewer (foreground), black pixel in depth-map means that the pixel of original has the biggest distance to viewer (background). StereoTracer generates a number of images which all have a slightly different viewing angle. This process models shooting of a scene from different points across the horizontal line. The resulting series of images is used to create 3D (stereo) image in Triaxes 3DMasterKit. Or, you can export resulting images to movie clip (AVI or GIF) and publish it to Web. Features: - multi-view rendering from 2D source image - multi-view rendering from 2D image and depth-map - depth-map creation from source 2D image