Do for free what professional applications do: paint pictures from patterns. It has a vast palette of creating photorealistic effects from any picture or photograph. Including changing patterns and create video footage. Nine predefined patterns and a healthy dose of user interactive creativity will result in unusual pictures. It's freeware from the makers of Mosaizer Pro and Textaizer Pro. Features of Pattaizer: - generate 14 different types of patterns - generate patterns on bitmaps and text - different file formats can be used (bmp, jpg, emf, wmf, ico, gif, png) - 4 different languages are supported (UK, NL, D, F) - projects to save and re-load favourite settings - text bitmaps for patterns can be made in the application itself - use scripts to create sequence of pattern changes - apply scripts to create video's of changing patterns on any bitmap - save the patterns as a wire-frame or as the final resulting picture bitmap - each pattern has variety of dedicated and effective controls to manipulate the pattern - the size multiplier to generate huge patterns (no program limit to size, but merely the available RAM of the PC) - apply 3D effects to enhance the pattern result - use of source masks to filter out any part of the bitmap that does not need to be 'pattaized' - the well-know user friendly interface with a one-click start to see the effects