LITE version: 1. Graphic display of characters to a radar with the instruction of height 2. Display of characters by the list(considering subslacc, nobless/hero) and a clan 3. Switching of a mode "radar" / "list" 4. Sorting by class/range/animosities 5. The hotkey "the first target" - chooses the first target from the list of a radar 6. AutoCP/GHP/QHP. Includes a constant mode of supervision over condition HP/CP and activates emulation of pressing of buttons on the ACTIVE panel where HP/CP potions. 7. Sound preventions 8. A choice from the list of the character of a radar. Double click - to follow to the purpose, or attack in PvP zone. 9. Lists of characters/clans for definition of enemies. Are filled with button "Update" from the list of enemies of a clan or manually. 10. Display of characters which hold you on "target". 11. The option to show died characters 12. Record of a chat (the file with a name of the character is created) 13. Record of title of treaders (the file with a name of the character is created) 14. "Auto-assist" - a choice of the purpose set on by assist The character on which gets out will work auto-assist and the mode joins. Auto-assist only CHOOSES the purpose by assist, DOES NOT ATTACK itself. 15. "Auto-target" - from the list on a hotkey who you holds a choice of the first purpose on "target" PRO version: 1. Built in Multiwin - not backlog of windows from the main character. 2. Algorithm "RECHARGE" and "HEALER" for the second character. Tracking condition HP/MP of the main character and healer. At achievement of the bottom border HP, healer run specified command, for example "/useskill greater heal " for heal of the main character and self. A priority on the main character. 3. Display equipment of the enemy 4. Function of "pilot" - management of several characters. Appoints hot buttons for performance command the second windows. Recurrence on a cycle with the specified interval.