HelpMaster is an authoring tool for Sun's JavaHelp component. It provides complete control over all aspects of the JavaHelp system allowing you to create an easy to use help system for users. With HelpMaster you can: Manage the files related to your project with the built in file manager. The file manager will even open the files using specified external applications or the operating system defaults. Output your help project uncompressed or store it in a jar file. Preview the generated help directly from HelpMaster. Make the help project executable (if stored in a jar file), so it can be launched independently of your application. HelpMaster will automatically create and manage the map file, helpset file and other aspects of the help system for you. Easily edit the standard views (Table of Contents, Index or Glossary) with drag and drop support. Creating multiple views of each type is also supported. If more control is desired over the views a plain xml editor is included. HelpMaster does not use additional files to manage your project and will load any existing JavaHelp projects you have.