USB drive monitoring software is a surveillance tool to monitor multiple USB device activities in real time working in any windows platforms. USB mass media surveillance application support all USB storage media like pen drive, thumb drive, USB MP3 / MP4 player, memory stick, smart media, USB flash camera and other similar device with all type and capacity of memory card. Software facilitate administrator to change access permission (read or write) or block USB port of any client machine within local area network even LAN is not established or any breakdown occurs. USB drive analyzer software provide sound alert notification from either CPU or selected tune when USB plug in and generate log file of connected USB information such as hardware ID, storage capacity and manufactures name with complete client machine details like machine name, IP address and connection or removable date, time of USB drive. Analyzer application prevents unauthorized copying of your confidential data on USB sticks/drives. Software is helpful for IT companies, financial institutions, law firms, college and many more. Help option aware you with working and functionality of software which available with both free and full edition of software. USB drive activities monitoring software features: * Easy to use GUI based USB drive monitoring software for everyone. * Notifies with sound alerts when a USB media is being used on any of the PCs on the network. * Capture and analyze data that's transferred between any USB drive connected to PC. * Protect your computer and LAN from unwanted USB media to stop data leakage & data theft. * Facilitate to block USB port of any client machine in LAN. * Generate log file with complete USB details and performed file operation and send it at user specified email address. * Support all type of USB mass storage media of any manufactures (not USB input device like keyboard, scanner etc). * Provide complete install and uninstall support.