xSQL Schema Compare for SQL Server is a professional grade SQL Server tool for comparing and synchronizing SQL Server database schemas. It allows SQL Server developers and database administrators to keep their development, testing and production environments in sync with minimal effort. Some of the features include: 1) Full support for SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2008, and SQL Server 2005 - all objects; 2) Cross version comparison - compare databases on different SQL Server versions and generate version specific change scripts; 3) Schema snapshots - maintain a history (audit trail) of the schema changes and provide for safe and efficient reversing of schema changes when necessary; 4) Wide array of options allows for granular control of the behavior of the comparison engine; 5) Comparison results displayed in an easy to read color coded grid that allows the user to drill down into the differences, view the scripts of objects, filter results and more; 6) Generate safe, standardized change scripts and review scripts before executing on the target database; 7) Command line utility provides for scheduled, unattended comparison and synchronization operations;